Medical Nutrition Therapy

Pharmacological Treatments Have a lot of side effects & toxify our Body. So , we can manage & treat some diseases just with our diet , Our habits & lifestyles !

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy


Medical nutrition therapy is often abbreviated as MNT, is an evidence-based medical approach to treating certain chronic conditions through the use of an individually-tailored nutrition plan.

Everybody's Medical nutrition plan is different than other , 

This is just made according to the specific needs of the person , according to the medical & body requirments.

One can not follow the other's MNT.

Why do, I need MNT?

Diet is a very important things to be consider in our life. Food is the everythings that makes our body everyday.

If , Eat well this will make our body Good & healthy.

If, we eat bad things , more or less than our need that will obviously harm to our body .

instead of going towards the medical treatments , 
If, we only go for MNT , that will more beneficial without any harm , side effects & toxicity.

Steps and scope:

To start this therapy, an RDN first performs a comprehensive nutrition assessment for an individual. They then develop a nutritional diagnosis, goal, and care plan, as well as specific nutrition interventions to help the person better manage or treat their condition .

The RDN provides repeated follow-up visits to support the person’s behavioral and lifestyle changes. This involves monitoring and evaluating progress, as well as any health or medication changes .

MNT is only provided by a qualified dietician and can either be prescribed in a hospital or outpatient setting. It may start during a hospital admission and continue into an outpatient setting, as long as the patient is seeing an RDN.

MNT can range in complexity, from designing a reduced calorie diet for weight loss to prescribing a high protien diet to promote wound healing for patients with severe burns.

In severe cases, such as for people with cancer, an RDN can recommend tube or intravenous (IV) feeding to prevent malnutrition.

The duration of MNT varies. Typically, the therapy stays in place until the initial goal is achieved or the nutrition-related diagnosis is resolved. However, the plan can be adjusted as needed by the RDN and your medical team.

MNT for certain diseases:

Diabetes :

Diabetes is basically the High blood Glucose level due to many reason.

There are two types,

1. Type-1 Pancrease is unable to produce enough insule,

2. Type-2 Body don't use Insuline proper.

In, Both cases need to manage this .. To keep blood sugar level normal,
otherwise , this can lead to many complicatiobs.

& With the MNT , this can be achieved easily by following proper diet & Lifestyle.

It’s also effective at managing gestational diabetes, a high blood sugar condition that occurs during pregnancy and requires dietary changes .

Treatment usually involves an RDN teaching carb counting and portion control, a technique that helps control blood sugar by keeping carb intake consistent — since carbs affect blood sugar more than other nutrients .

Heart Diseases , Hypertension:

MNT can reduce the risk of heart diseases & Hypertension.

Dietician make a diet plan low in fat , cholesterol & Sodium etc , Things that make conditions more worst.

Kidney Diseases :

This is the condition in which , kidney don't perform 100%.

if , kidney will not do it work proper our blood will not be purified properly.

that can increase the risk of other diesease  , Even can lead to Kidney failure.

so, dietician make a plan for such patients that workload of kidney decrease , diet is set of things that can easily pass through kidney.

For example, some should limit their intake of nutrients like protein, potassium, phosphorus, and sodium, while others may need to adhere to certain fluid restrictions.

Many other diseases & conditions like Obesity , Insomia & Depression etc.
these things can be make better By Following MNT by RDN.


we recommend not to rush for medicines , 
One can make things better by only changing diet & lifestyle.
that may , give result slower but long lasting without any harm & side-effect.